A different kind of grateful

One of the unexpected blessings of starting this business is just how differently I view ‘income’ now. After getting my MBA and entering the corporate world, my salary and bonus were things I expected… things I DESERVED, darnit! I EARNED those things. And frankly, they weren’t high enough. I DESERVED more. I was FAR more productive and deserving than Bob, after all… And Susan only got where she got because of office POLITICS. I mean really, who does she think she is fooling???

Houston, we have lift-off!

And… we’re off!

I want to tell you that I just got back from my company launch party, where friends and hangers-on dined at some place swanky and had champagne and generally let the bons temp roulez. Lots of well-wishing and bonhomie. But…

Here I sit in front of the computer with a three-day beard, having just finished a marathon session of working with my web developer to get this website done. I’m excited and terrified, sort of a pale facsimile of how I felt when my kids were born.